Looking to hire a comfortable charter bus? Big Bus Co is one of the most trusted charter bus brands in New South Wales. Looking to arrange a commute to a wedding, birthday party, conference, excursion, sports event or for group travel? We offer charter buses suitable for all types of events at affordable prices.

Sydney Big Bus Co is a family-owned bus company located in Sydney. We’re focused on providing quality and low-cost charter buses for groups and businesses located in New South Wales.  We are known and trusted for: 

  • Comfortable and hi-tech buses
  • Experienced drivers 
  • Insured buses
  • Affordability

Why Should You Hire A Charter Bus?

Ideal for Groups that Need to Reach a Destination Together

Wedding in the family? A conference that your team needs to attend? A sports event you need to go to with a large group of friends? A family trip? Hiring a charter bus saves you the time and hassle of organising different transport for everyone. 

Offers Safe & Stress-Free Transportation

You don’t need to worry about deciding who drives or the destination route to take. Our charter bus hire comes with a professionally trained driver that will keep your group safe and stress-free.

Charter Buses Doesn’t Cost A Fortune

A charter bus hire doesn’t cost a fortune. When it comes to travel expenses per individual, it is usually much less than what one would spend on individual travel.

Fun & Convenient 

When it is friends, family or colleagues you are travelling with, charter buses offer quite an opportunity for fun while you travel conveniently and in comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats does a charter bus have?

Our charter bus varies in seating capacity depending on the model. The capacity ranges from 30 to 60 seats. Talk to our team and learn which charter bus model is the most suitable for your group. 

Do you offer interstate travel?

Yes, we certainly do. We have experienced drivers that are well-acquainted with routes to other states. Contact us to discuss your specific charter bus hire requirements.  

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